A Bait on the Hook (Thought for the day)

Pyugle, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, is a paradise earth with dense forests and lush natural resources. Slightly less than a hundred aborigines lived there. They did not know the modern trend and naturally lived happily ever after as a single family sharing what they found happily and peacefully. Until then the island had never been approached by strangers. Henry Higgins was a Tourism Explorer. His business was to make money by going to various rare places and filming its beauty and displaying it on social media.  He set off in his motor boat to go somewhere else that day. On the way, the boat collided with a floating log and its propeller got damaged. By the paddle, he rowed the boat as much as he could that he found a nearest island to take rest.  That was it, the Pyugle Island. He unloaded all his belongings from the boat and set up a tent on the beach. Then when he tried to contact for help by satellite phone, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of thirty to forty aborigines. They stared at him and he tried to tell them what had happened by his gesture. Their vision then began to fall on each of the items he had brought. He used this time to film them with his video camera and they tried to attack him for fear of seeing it. When he showed them what he just filmed them, they froze in amazement as they were shown in video camera. Then they gathered him and showed him around their island. He also filmed them one by one. They did not realize the value of the resources there, had realized the value of their relationship. Yes, the island is rich in precious stones, rare trees, and precious minerals. It was Higgins who filmed everything before them and screened every trend and cuisine of the trendy world filmed in various locations. A month passed like this. All the scenes seen on the screen for a month caused a stir in the minds of the aborigines. The scene of the resources there also caused a revolt in Higgins' mind, to bring many more new people to the island within a few weeks. The aborigines accepted them too without understanding status quo. Within a few more weeks some ships arrived with some machinery and many experts.  The aborigines there were sent separately to different countries. At the end all the resources of the island were plundered. The trees were cut down and exported to many countries. Overall the island became a commercial market and a tourist attraction with many resorts. Those aborigines severed their ties, lost their beautiful natural life and worked as slaves in different countries.  This is how many allures are imposed on our lives by various media. We are now enslaved to those temptations without realizing that the temptations we see will enslave us in the future. Forgetting happy relationships, forgetting the nature God has given us, forgetting love, forgetting sharing, forgetting affection, forgetting humanity we are becoming animals in the name of civilization and economic development. Life is only there if the fish live in the water. Life is what man lives by his nature. Losing nature is sure to cause loss of life. There are so many temptations going on around us. Let's wake up right now. Let's decide whether we are the fish in the bait or to live our lives as our own. We should be fulfilled in the life the Lord has given to us.

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