Thanksgiving Prayer

I am not worthy of what you have already done for me, Lord God, nor is my family. Yet now you are doing even more; you have made promises about my descendants in the years to come, and you, Lord God, are already treating me like someone great. What more can I say to you! You know me well, and yet you honor me, your servant. It was your will and purpose to do this for me and to show me my future greatness. Lord, there is none like you; we have always known that you alone are God.  “And now, O Lord, fulfill for all time the promise you made about me and my descendants, and do what you said you would. Your fame will be great, and people will forever say, ‘The Lord Almighty is God over Israel.’ And you will preserve my dynasty for all time. I have the courage to pray this prayer to you, my God, because you have revealed all this to me, your servant, and have told me that you will make my descendants kings. You, Lord, are God, and you have made this wonderful promise to me. I ask you to bless my descendants so that they will continue to enjoy your favor. You, Lord, have blessed them, and your blessing will rest on them forever.”

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