You are my desire O' Lord (Poetry)

October 05, 2020

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I called you O’ Lord
To seek peace in mind
Who else is in the World 
Other than You who’s kind?

You are the ocean of support 
I yearn and seek with purport 
Greater is Thy mercy than anything
That, Why this sinner is not thinking.....

Notebook and Pen

"Faith brings us to Prayer

 Prayer brings us to God

  God brings victory to us"

Michael Xavier

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Hello Everyone!!. It's Michael. This website was developed for updating poems and prayers to the Lord. God made mighty things to us and we must be grateful so that these poems and prayers were written by me by the grace of God to praise him and thank him. In our life, God is everything to us to fulfill us with His Gracious blessings. Say thanks to God !!

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